Harborough Greens become an official local party

1 May 2019

In order to become more efficient and proactive in the way our members are engaged with a program was initiated in 2018 to review the local party boundaries with a view to ensuring that all members were covered by an active party. This also removed the responsibility to manage these members from the city focused Leicester Green party.

As part of this review a number of party boundaries were changed and Harborough was expanded to include Oadby & Wigston. We are also responsible for the Harborough and South Leicestershire constituencies where we are co-terminus with Harborough but share the territory with Loughborough Green party for the South Leicestershire seat.

In terms of what this gives the Harborough, Oadby & Wigston party we will now have financial control of our own budget which will allow us to start planning our future campaigns post the 2019 local elections.